We believe the power of video leaves a lasting impression. From concepting and writing scripts, to casting, shooting, editing, and post-production, we love to tell compelling stories that dare to be different, while ensuring your message gets across to the right audience.

  • Commercial Video

  • Crowdfunding Video

  • 60-90 Second Ads Video

  • Interviews

  • Event Shooting


Branding & Design

User experience is a critical component to our design approach. We believe that aesthetics are equally as important as functionality. We work to incorporate strategic ideas into crafting landing pages, websites, and ads that convert visitors to customers.

  • Website Design

  • Package Design

  • Logo Design

  • Landing Page Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Product Photography

  • Brand Naming & Slogans


Product Launch/Crowdfunding Campaign

Through extensive market research and understanding our client’s needs, we create web copy and visual content that convert the crowdfunding audience. By running pre-launch lead generation and email campaigns, we generate early sales momentum to drive initial sales volume.

  • Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy

  • Lead Generation

  • Product Website Creation & Management

  • Crowdfunding Page Creation & Management

  • Ads Management

  • Email Marketing Campaign

  • Community Engagement


Marketing Strategy

Our initial process starts by gathering all the relevant information to help us position your brand and product. We know that identifying the core insights builds the foundation for a strong brand.

  • Market Analysis

  • Consumer Analysis

  • Audience Insights

  • Search Term Analysis

  • Brand & Content Strategy


Online Advertising

When it comes to engaging your audience in the digital space, we know how to choose the right channel to reach current and prospective customers. We’re always working to refine the brand’s message through continuous testing and optimization.

  • SEO & SEM

  • Facebook Ads

  • Brand Voice & Campaign Creation

  • Optimization & A/B Testing

  • Performance Analyses

  • Metrics Report


Social Media Management           

Our team combines creativity, strategy, and a dynamic production studio to produce a fresh flow of social assets that generate brand awareness, cultivate communities, and ultimately grow revenue.

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Social Asset Creation

  • Content Posting

  • Community Management

  • Social Ads

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Data Analyses & Audience Insights



Our e-Commerce experts have the insider knowledge in promoting products on website stores as well as the Amazon platform. From detailed product listings, to in-depth keyword research and ad campaigns, we help increase your product visibility and boost sales.

  • Website Store Sales & Ads Management

  • Amazon Store Sales & Ads Management