The Product:

The FlexiSpot V9 bicycle desk is one of the Loctek products. The FlexiSpot V9 bicycle desk helps break up prolonged sitting with safe and effective low-impact motion that promotes healthy blood circulation. The intuitive, ergonomic design helps people maximize the activity level. It is ideal for home and office use.

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The Project:

We had a few cooperations with Loctek before. We know better how to achieve the brand in the Loctek videos. The requirement of this video is to demonstrate the functionality of its product and differentiate it with other product in the market. The challenge here is to create an idea in a novel way. Loctek expects that through the creative video to attract more audiences to deepen the impression of the product.

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The Process:

The video differs from the traditional explainer way. We use vivid music rhythm and dance movements, no dialogue, no voiceover, and no infographic. The video brings the audience a new experience in visual and auditory, thus deepening their impression of the product.