The Goldchef Grill is perfect for the person who loves their steak dinners. It is designed to give customers perfectly cooked meat from home in no time at all. The Goldchef Grill is a Reddot design award 2018 winner.

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The Goldchef team wanted to use a video to support their online sales by demonstrating a contemporary grilling system that can cook whole meal without the hassle and mess of other grills. The video should explain how to demonstrate the advanced and unique heating method that Gold Chef system is using. The video will be used for kickstarter campaign, trade show and company branding.

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The Process:

The production separates into 2 parts. The studio product shooting and lifestyle shooting. We capture the characteristics of the product material, using light to feature the details of the technology. It grabs the audience's attention in the first 5 seconds of video. We also use sophisticated motion graphic to demonstrate functions in the lifestyle part.