Welcome to visit Red Cube Production CES 2016 conference in Las Vegas. We had brief interviews for almost all exhibitors during exhibition event. We provided all information about device for healthy life, accessories for audiophile, smart home and new cameras and drones. please check them out on our website or follow us on Youtube channel at Red Cube Production. 

CES 2016, we are Red Cube Production, and we are here! We are the transporters of entrepreneurial dreams!




Device for Healthy Life

What’s the most interesting devices for life? We provide the information for people to check out what are the good products for hair, skin, diet, eating behaviors, and even some for kids. 

Keep your healthy life, and check out Apira Science Inc., Aegle Palette, Bixi, Grush, Blocks Wearables Watch, and more. Try them, and find one that matches with your life style!



Accessories for Audiophile

For all the music lovers, it’s time for you to check out some brand new devices for audiophile. We have interviewed Sony, Seaboard Rise, Monster Inc., and others companies, and one of the product is even voted as the most innovation! Do you like rock and roll? Do you want a loud and gigantic speaker? Check them out! 



Smart Home and Gadgets

Technology is everywhere. What about insert more smart devices to your home? We interviewed more than 10 companies that create products for home security, entertainment, alarm, doorbell, projector, and so on. Such as Vivint, Honeywell, Power Cube, 360 G, AUBE, B-One, Candy House, and more! Or do you want a personal robot from Blue Frog? There are way too many incredible products for building a smart home, let’s check them out!



New Cameras and Drones

You must check this out if you are a camera and a drone lover! 

We have interviewed so many companies, include Yuneec, Zero Tech, Wingsland, Fleye, Sony, and more. They all provided and created fantastic cameras and drones for professional uses, and they even invented something for under water, how amazing, right? Check it out!