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Meitu is a global innovator in mobile video and photography, including proprietary facial recognition and virtual “try-on” technologies for makeup, hair, and fashion. Definitely girls’ favorite app!

We are honored to have the CEO of Meitu, Wensheng Cai to share his experiences with us. He is an entrepreneur, and a smart angel investor who knows what, who, and how to actually invest startups. He shared experiences as an entrepreneur, and gave out some great examples, tips, and suggestions to tell the audiences the differentiation in China and the U.S.


Grush is a gaming toothbrush. It transforms the brushing chore into a fun and interactive game, with an advanced bluetooth motion sensing toothbrush, and instructive mobile fames, to guide kids’ brushing and lets parents track the results.

Grush won the first place and $1M in America’s Greatest Makers competition, and why are they so successful? They have an awesome multicultural team that pull everything together: the founder Dr. Young-Jing Wang, who is an expert of Chinese manufacturing and hardware developing, the COO Ethan Schur with outstanding video game skill and technology, and their Chief Dental officer Anubha, who was Harvard trained pediatric dentist.

“Don’t just make the product, but validate the product. Talk to many potential customers and get their feedback to heart.” — Ethan Schur

“If you really try it with your heart, trust me, you don’t regret it.” — Dr. Young-Jing Wang


Sprimo, the world’s first designer air purifier, which is designed to help people all over the world to breathe easier. No more allergies, asthma, smog, and smelly co-workers, and the most amazing thing is that the filter can be customized based on the environment!

The co-founder and CTO Harold Han, a PhD from NYU, and the CEO Ray Combs, they definitely create their product new, elegant, and truly useful! Let’s get to know more about those experts and how beneficial a personal purifier like Sprimo can help people’s daily lives.


Banmi is a platform for you to meet interesting people, get amazing experiences, and discover all the possibilities. Isa Liu, the CEO and founder for Banmi, who loves to explore lives, cultures, and experiences. That’s probably why she has this brilliant idea for people to travel with locals, meet new friends, and experience something completely different than normal tourists.

After an incident that happened to Banmi, their reputation went down. She was hurt, but she didn’t give up because she always has faith. “I don’t want to be seen, I want to be significant,” she said. Let’s hear some real stories and how she held up to a company that almost failed. Thank you for sharing, Isa!


Invi is a rich media texting app, making messaging experience beautiful, fast, fun and free. Experience a new kind of inbox with built-in rich media capabilities like never before. They are based in Palo Alto and funded by Silicon Valley investors.

Iddo Tal, the CEO of invi, who always describes himself as a trouble maker. He created an awesome working environment for his team, and their company culture is a lot different than others: fun, energetic, positive, and very relaxing.

“Don’t give up. If you have a dream, just go and do it.” - - - Iddo Tal.


In 2015, MoBagel officially established its new headquarter in the Silicon Valley, and was accepted into the renowned startup accelerator 500 Startups’ Batch 13 to further improve product market fit and go-to business strategies.

“Data drives every decision!” The co-funder of Mobagel, Iru Wang. A young and confident woman founder, who definitely know what she is doing. Also, as a young woman entrepreneur, she also provide a lot of suggestion and tips for everyone, let’s hear about her stories and experiences.


CareDnD empowers families with affordable on-demand childcare by exchanging care and providing unique education through a trusted parent-platform. We are honored to invite Pheobe and Sunny to attend our The Entrepreneurs show, and tell us why and how they came up with this brilliant idea!

CareDnD not only provides a safe and fun environment for children to learn and experience new people and things, but also give all the entrepreneur-parents a chance to focus on work, and get help with affordable childcare.


We all know about Founders Space, it’s the world’s global startup community. But are you guys familiar with the CEO, Steven Hoffman?

“I’m here to learn about life, to experience life, to meet with really smart and interesting people who can open up doors for me that I wouldn’t otherwise be open,” Steve said. He is a passionate and energetic, he is also a very creative person who is ALWAYS learning. “Wealth for me means free to do what I want, not to have to worry about just doing what makes money.”

Thank you for provide so many tips and suggestions for young entrepreneurs.


Mrs. Zhang wrote a book for “Research and Development of Huawei,” and she is a senior and professional consultant in management, research, and development. She used Huawei as a successful example to tell the young entrepreneurs how to choose partners and clients, and provided suggestions and tips for step in a more successful level.


EcoReco provides eco-friendly and foldable electric scooter, which also designed for compactness and portability. It’s not a toy, it’s a personal transportation. They have three different models, and there were built and created by high quality materials. It’s safe; easy to charge and carry, and the top speed can go on 20 mph. Don’t you want to get one? I know I want to.

However, all of the hard works were from Haoyu Feng, the founder of EcoReco, and a former designer. He shared some touching stories when he was a kid, and how difficult his life was before EcoReco. EcoReco changed his life. No, I should said, his talents, passions, and the “I will not give up” personality definitely paid off all of his efforts. Let’s hear more about his stories. 


Marvin Liao is partnering with 500 Startups as a professional mentor and advisor to help startups. Marvin works with awesome startups across the globe and at the SF/SV accelerator programs. He shared his point of views of the current startup and entrepreneurial trent, and also provided a lot of advices and suggestions for people. It’s amazing because he is so passionate about his job, and beyond professional on helping others to be successful. Let’s see what he suggest to entrepreneurs. 


Mr. Zhu is the co-founder of Inno Valley in Guangzhou, and also one of the first investors for startups. He studied abroad when he was very young, and had a lot of working experiences in different tech companies. He has been doing experiments, managements, and entrepreneurial experiences for more than 20 years, and he is also an expert on Internet and technology industries. 

What’s entrepreneur?  Is it just a business or a career? In the video, he provided the tips and opinions about how young startups should connect with investors, and how to write a business proposal to show their investors. Let’s find out more about how to be a successful young entrepreneur! 


Indiegogo is crowdfunding platform and launchpad for creatives and entrepreneurial ideas of every shape and size. Anyone with creativity and passion should be able to seize their own success and change the world.

However, no one really knows the reasons why it’s called “Indiegogo”, and how the three founders pulled everything together to make this dream come true. We are very honored to invite one of the founders, Slava Rubin to be in our show, and a special thank you to Slava for willing to talk about the story about his childhood, and the one thing he never really talked about — his beloved father. 


Dr. Hao Zou, the CEO of Abundy Inc., who was named “30 Under 30” in Forbes. He is also the Board Director, Secretary, and Executive Committee Member of the Marconi Society. He received his PhD and MS in Electrical engineering, MBA, and MA in Economics from Stanford University in 2011, and completed the four degrees in three years! He joined PIMCO in 2011, and he is one of five people running PIMCO’s $20 billion global bond portfolio and the youngest member of a 12 person committee steering the firm’s Americas strategy. 

Moreover, he was selected by the State Council of China as an “Eminent Young Overseas Chinese” under the age of 45 in 2015. With his incredible education background and experiences, he is influencing and changing the financial operations of the global economy. However, do you know he used to study in Japan? He makes people wondering about his personality and childhood, and what motivations can make him become such an incredible and young successful entrepreneur. Let’s get to know more about him!


“3D printing rocket? Is he crazy?” This is how people think about Nadir Bagaveyev, the CEO of Bagaveyev Rocket Company, who use the technology of 3D printing to build the engines and components.

“I just like to look up,” he said, “I have a powerful dream, and I have been following it for a long time.” A story of a young man who has been following his dream, and trying all he can to inspire the whole world.

“Let’s aim for space, moon, and stars, instead of sitting here like frogs in a little pond.”